The Humanities Center Faculty Advisory Board is pleased to announce NETWORKS as its theme for 2015 SYRACUSE SYMPOSIUM™ Learn more here.

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The Syracuse University Humanities Center, founded in 2008, fosters public engagement in the Humanities, and is home to the Syracuse Symposium, the Central New York Humanities Corridor, the Jeanette K. Watson Distinguished Visiting Professorship program, the HC Mini-Seminar, Symposium Seminar, HC Spring Symposia series, the Perpetual Peace Project, and other major initiatives and fellowships.

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Redrafting Perpetual Peace


In 1795 Immanuel Kant outlined six preliminary articles for perpetual peace among states. More than 200 years later, Redrafting Perpetual Peace project encourages to re-think Kant’s six basic conditions for peace. Through a collection of short films and critical essays we invite you to ask the question: how can we re-frame the idea of perpetual peace for the contemporary world? Visit Redrafting Perpetual Peace website to learn more.


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The Syracuse University Humanities Center, housed in The College of Arts and Sciences, promotes a broad, collaborative, and interdisciplinary understanding of the humanities at Syracuse University. LEARN MORE >>

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The Central New York Humanities Corridor engages faculty from research institutions in the region with vigorous humanistic scholarly traditions, Syracuse University, Cornell University and the University of Rochester. LEARN MORE >>



Fall Season Announcement

We're pleased to announce NETWORKS as 2015 Syracuse Symposium theme. LEARN MORE >>