Perpetual Peace Project 2011-2013

Today, as in Kant's time, the idea of peace remains abstract and continues to be defined as an absence of war.

For this reason, the Perpetual Peace Project is predicated on the belief that no one institution or individual can clearly claim or guarantee a mastery of the concept of peace.

The project takes the form of multiple initiatives with different institutions (political, cultural academic) in order to create the conditions for raising again the idea of peace.

This can be understood in reference to the Kantian notion of "publicity"; the many different forums enable us to create a conversation about peace that has multiple directions, perspectives, and participants.

Overall, this project is not attempting to actively formulate public policy; rather to conceptualize a peace movement, raising questions about how such a movement might occur today, even in the context of ongoing wars.

Ultimately, this conversation must include everyone, given that "no one can claim to have absolute knowledge concerning the idea of peace."

"Project Principles," Gregg Lambert, Aaron Levy, Martin Rauchbauer


The Perpetual Peace Project is an international research and cultural program of the Syracuse University Humanities Center in partnership with the Slought Foundation (Philadelphia, PA) and the European Union Institutes of Culture, and; in the second phase, beginning in 2011, with initiatives planned in Seoul, Korea in spring 2012 and with the Centre for Humanities at Utrecht University and the Treaty of Utrecht Foundation (the Netherlands) in fall 2013.

The overall project was originally conceived and directed by Gregg Lambert, Founding Director of the Syracuse University Humanities Center; Aaron Levy Executive Director and Chief Curator, Slought Foundation, and; Martin Rauchbauer. Deputy Director, Austrian Cultural Forum. The first phase of the project, beginning in 2008, took the form of multiple initiaves and events in academic, cultural, and political instiutions including the International Peace Institute in the United Nations (New York, NY) consecrated around the re-issuing of Immanuel Kant's 1795 treatise, Zum ewigen Frieden: Ein philosophischer Entwurf.

For a list of initiaves from the first phase between 2008-2010, including the publication of Kant's original essay, see the official project website; for information of events in Utrecht, the Netherlands, following the symposium and exhibition in Fall 2011, go to the Perpetual Peace Utrecht site, in the Centre for Humanities at the University of Utrecht, or download the Centre's newsletter from Autumn 2011.

Seoul/DMZ, Korea - Winter 2012

PPP_ppt_2012_2_Page_10_Image_0001.pngProfessor Gregg Lambert, Founding Director of the Humanities Center and co-founder of the Perpetual Peace Project (see page under Humanities Center) will travel to South Korea in early March to participate in a number of public initiatives co-sponsored by Korean partners and publishing companies. Among them will be a new segment of video interviews on the border with North Korea in which Lambert engages in a discussion of future peace with the public intellectual Taek-Gwang Lee (Kyung Hee University, Seoul), and also a public presentation that will feature a discussion with the representative of the New Progressive Party who went into exile in France during the 1970's.Hong Sae Hwa (홍세화), which will take place on March 2nd. View flyer for the public event (.pdf)

Syracuse, New York - ET4PEACE & COMMON GROUND - Fall 2012

Two initiatives relating to the Perpetual Peace Project will take place at Syracuse University in the fall of 2012 and beyond: The Eat Together for Peace [ET4PEACE] and a new public lecture series following the visit of his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet in October 2012.


Eat Together for Peace invites all members of the SU ET4Peace.jpgcommunity, students, faculty, and staff, to eat with someone different from themselves for the purpose of peaceand understanding, and to participate in a series of peace related events on campus September 14th-21st.Hosted by the SU Humanities Center and co-sponsors, Eat Together for Peace includes lunch and dinner dialogues, drama and arts events, a mix-it up with international students, an international theme dinner in the dining halls, a forum on pathways to peace, and a peace gathering on the Quad on the International Day of Peace, Friday, September 21st.  In keeping with the purpose of Eat Together for Peace, all events provide an opportunity to share food and conversation.



"Understanding Our Common Ground for Peace" is a new public lecture series that will be sponsored by the SU Humanities Center following the special visit by his holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, who will engage in an academic panel discussion on October 8th with international experts and peacemakers on the topics of the Arab Spring and shifting Global conscieousness for peace.



“Common Ground for Peace” is produced and sponsored by One World Community Foundation, and the panel discussion on October 8th is co-sponsored by the SU Humanities Center, as part of its Perpetual Peace Project initiative.

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City of Utrecht, the Netherlands - Fall 2013

During the fall of 2013, the Perpetual Peace Project will travel again to the city of Utrecht. The Netherlands, for a special exhibit related to the commemoration of the Treaty of Utrecht. The exhibit and accompanying edited volume in which international philosophers and legal experts will re-write Kant's original 1795 treatise for the 21st century, constitutes a partnership between the SU Humanities Center and the Centre for the Humanities, Utrecht University. More details will be published on this site as available.


The Centre for the Humanities is looking for students who would like to become part of the Perpetual Peace Film group of 2013! read more...

The Utrecht University Summer School course is online!

Information concerning future events and new media will be posted to this page as available.

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