2013 Phase II



This website is no longer being updated, it serves as an archive for prior to 2018 Corridor Events and Information.


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+ PHI - Philosophy 


Syracuse Philosophy Annual Workshop and Network (SPAWN); Corridor Graduate Student Exchange; Creighton Club

Ben Bradely, Professor, Philosophy Department, Syracuse University
André Gallois, Professor, Philosophy Department, Syracuse University
Kristopher McDanielAssociate Professor, Philosophy Department, Syracuse University



Upstate New York Workshop in Early Modern Philosophy (UNYWEMP)

Kara Richardson, Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Syracuse 
Andrew Chignell, Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, Cornell University


Continental Philosophy

Tim Murray, Professor, Society for the Humanities, Cornell University
Gregg Lambert, Dean's Professor of the Humanities, Syracuse University



Ancient Philosophy Working Group

Jessica Gelber, Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Syracuse University
Deborah Modrak, Professor, Philosophy Department, University of Rochester
Jacob KleinAssistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Colgate University



Late Antiquity Working Group

Georgia Frank, Professor, Department of Religion, Colgate University
Virginia Burrus, Professor, Department of Religion, Syracuse University
Suzanne Abrams Rebillard, Visiting Scholar, Classics, Cornell University
Kim Haines-Eitzen, Professor, Near Eastern Studies, Cornell University 


Central New York Ethics Reading Group

Hille Paakkunainen, Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Syracuse University
Ben BradelyProfessor, Philosophy Department, Syracuse University
Kenneth Baynes, Professor, Philosophy Department, Syracuse University
David Sobel, Professor, Philosophy Department, Syracuse University
Erin Taylor, Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Cornell University
Kate Manne, Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Cornell University
Nicholas Sturgeon, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy Department, Cornell University 
William FitzPatrick, Associate Professor, Philosophy Department, University of Rochester



+ LIN - Linguistics 


Workshop on the Syntax-Semantics Interface

John Whitman, Professor, Linguistics Department, Cornell University
Jaklin Kornfilt, Professor, Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Syracuse University
Jon Nissenbaum, Assistant Professor, Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, Syracuse University



Interdisciplinary Approaches to Linguistics

Sarah Murray, Assistant Professor, Linguistics Department, Cornell University
William Starr, Assistant Professor, Philosophy Department, Cornell University

+ VAC - Visual Arts and Cultures 


Visual Studies

Chris Hanson, Assistant Professor, English Department, Syracuse University
Jennifer Creech, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Culture, University of Rochester
Jason Middleton, Assistant Professor, English Department University of Rochester   



Op Arc: Vision in Architecture

Jon Yoder, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Syracuse University



Gender, Race and Representations in Magazines and New Media

Noliwe M. Rooks, Associate Professor, Africana Studies, Cornell University
Gwendolyn Pough, Associate Professor, Women's and Gender Studies, Syracuse University


+ MMH - Musicology/ Music History 


The New Chamber Music Intensive, Phase III

Andrew Waggoner, Professor, Music Composition, Theory, and History, Syracuse University
Daniel S. Godfrey, Professor, Music Composition, Theory, and History, Syracuse University
Theo Cateforis,  Associate Professor, Art & Music Histories, Syracuse University
Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, Associate Professor,  Eastman School of Music: Composition, University of Rochester  


Teaching Exchange

Rebecca Harris-Warrick, Professor, Music Department, Cornell University
Roger Freitas, Associate Professor, Eastman School of Music: Musicology, University of Rochester
Amanda Eubanks Winkler, Associate Professor, Art & Music Histories, Syracuse University


Improvisation in Theory and Practice

Annette Richards, Professor, Music Department, Cornell University
Roger Mosely, Assistant Professor, Music Department, Cornell University 


Britten-Lutoslawski Year

Steven Stucky, Professor, Music Department, Cornell University


Imagining Sound in the Nineteenth Century

Roger Mosely, Assistant Professor, Music Department, Cornell University 


Mobilizing Music

Amanda Eubanks Winkler, Associate Professor, Art & Music Histories, Syracuse University
Theo Cateforis,  Associate Professor, Art & Music Histories, Syracuse University



+ DH - Digital Humanities 


Digital Witness Symposium

Roger Hallas, Associate Professor, English Department, Syracuse University
Tula Goenka, Associate Professor, Television, Radio, and Film, Syracuse University
Angel David Nieves, Professor,Africana Studies, Hamilton College


Digital Humanities Speaker Series

Tim Murray, Professor, Society for the Humanities, Cornell University 

+ LLC - Literature, Language and Culture 


Language Identity Power

Susan Wadley, Professor, Department of Anthropology, Syracuse University
Richard Buttny, Professor, Communication & Rhetorical Studies, Syracuse University
Chaise LaDousa, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Hamilton College



Early Modern Thinking

Rayna Kalas, Associate Professor, Department of English, Cornell University
Crystal Bartolovich, Associate Professor, English Department, Syracuse University



Revival Cultures

Joshua Dubler, Assistant Professor, Religion & Classics, University of Rochester
Nora Rubel, Associate Professor, Religion & Classics, University of Rochester
Chris Garces, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Cornell University
Vincent Lloyd, Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, Syracuse University



Nineteenth Century Studies

Claudia Klaver, Associate Professor, English Department, Syracuse University
Kevin Morrison, Assistant Professor, English Department, Syracuse University
Mike Goode,  Associate Professor, English Department, Syracuse University
Supritha Rajan, Assistant Professor, English Department, University of Rochester
Elisha Cohn, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Cornell University


Legacies of the Second World

Marijeta Bozovic,  Assistant Professor, Russian & Eurasian Studies, Colgate University
Matthew D. Miller, Assistant Professor, German, Colgate University


Religion and Literature Forum: The Return of the Text

Jennifer Gurley, Professor, English Department, LeMoyne College
William Robert, Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, Syracuse University


Critical Theory and the Global: The Politics of Translation

Brett de Bary, Professor, Asian Studies, Cornell University
Naoki Sakai, Professor, Asian Studies, Cornell University
Meera Lee, Assistant Professor, Asian American Studies, Syracuse University


Remediating Sacred Scriptures

Jim Watts, Professor, Department of Religion, Syracuse University 
S. Brent Plate
, Visiting Associate Professor, Religious Studies, Hamilton College


LELACS/Global Literature and Cultures

Gail Bulman, Associate Professor & Chair, Languages Literatures & Linguistics, Syracuse University
Debra Castillo, Professor, Comparative Literature, Cornell University
Beth Jorgensen, Professor, Modern Languages & Cultures, University of Rochester
Myrna Garcia Calderon, Associate Professor, Languages Literatures & Linguistics, Syracuse University


Alguien al otro lado

Kathryn Everly, Associate Professor, Languages Literatures & Linguistics, Syracuse University



Corporate Personhood Before and After Citizens United

Robert J. Foster, Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Rochester
Marina Welker, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Cornell University


Foreign Language Teaching Workshop

Nady Abdal-Ghaffar, Senior Lecturer, University Studies, Colgate University
Mireille Koukian, Visiting Instructor, Critical Languages, Hamilton College



+ AM - Archives and Media 



Digital Conservation

Renato Perucchio, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Rochester
Elizabeth Colantoni, Assistant Professor, Religion & Classics, University of Rochester