This website is no longer being updated, it serves as an archive for prior to 2018 Corridor Events and Information.


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Syracuse University

Dean’s Professor Gregg Lambert, Founding Director (2008 - 2014), The Syracuse University Humanities Center 
Principal Investigator of the CNY Humanities Corridor

Kelly Pickard, Administrative Specialist
315.443.9451/Fax: 315.443.7672

Aimee Germain, Program Coordinator
315.443.8685/Fax: 315.443.7672

For programmatic questions or approval of publicity for Corridor events, please contact Aimee Germain: aagermai(at)

For questions regarding Corridor funding commitments or financial worksheets, please contact Kelly Pickard: kspickar(at)

Cornell University

Professor Paul Fleming, Director, Society for the Humanities

Paula Epps-Cepero
607.255.9274/Fax: 607.255.1422

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University of Rochester

Dexter Perkins Professor in History Joan Shelley Rubin, Director, Humanities Center

Jennie Gilardoni, Administrator 

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Colgate University

Richard J. and Jean Head Chair in Philosophy David McCabeDirector, Division of the Arts & Humanities

Helen Kebabian, Director of corporate, foundation, and government relations  

Other New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium Schools

Amy Doonan Cronin, Executive Director NY6
607.351.5602/Fax: 607.272.5415

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